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13 Mar 2007 Script to download pictures from camera and rename them etc

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1. download photos from camera and sort them by date of day in folders
2. remove possible duplicates if I did not erase camera images since last download
3. convert RAW/NEF images to a usable format

All this in one single click!

# Change this to where to store Photos
camera=”USB PTP Class Camera”
date=$(date –iso-8601)
mkdir -p $target/$date/tmp
cd $target/$date/tmp
# Get all photos from camera
gphoto2 –quiet –camera $camera –port usb: -P
# Do not replace photos that were already uploaded this same day
cp -u $target/$date/tmp/* $target/$date
rm -rf $target/$date/tmp
cd $target/$date
# auto-rotate using exif info
exifautotran *.JPG
# If photos were not erased from camera since last upload, remove duplicates
for i in *.{JPG,NEF}; do
for f in $(find $target -name $i ! -samefile $target/$date/$i); do
if md5sum $f | sed -e “s, .*/, ,” | md5sum –check; then
rm -f $i;
# decode RAW images if not already done ?
# for i in *.NEF; do if [ ! -e $(basename $i .NEF).ppm ]; then dcraw -w $i; fi; done
# Show them!
gimv -d $target/$date

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