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09 Jan 2018 Hammer script to get output from Job by id

This is a simple script I use to export the details from a Job run in Red Hat Satellite 6.2 using hammer from the console.

# Redhat Satellite Job query by id using hammer

if [ $1 -eq $1 ] 2>/dev/null; then
# get hosts run by ID
JOBHOSTS=$(hammer job-invocation info –id $1 | sed ‘1,/Hosts/d’ | awk {‘print $2’} | awk ‘NF’)

# Loop hosts
echo “================================================================================
hammer job-invocation output –id $1 –host $HOST
echo “”
echo “You need to type the Job ID”

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03 Feb 2016 Generate IP-address ranges using simple bash script

This is just a simple script to generate IP-addresses in a IP-range and write the result output to a file.
The script does also remove addresses you would like to exclude from the final output.


# Remove old OUTFILE
rm -f $OUTFILE

# Loop addresses, write to OUTFILE
for IP in $IPRANGE
        seq -f "$IP.%g" 1 255 >> ./$OUTFILE

# Exclude IP-addresses from file (inplace replacement)
for EX in $EXCLUDE
        sed --in-place "/$EX/d" ./$OUTFILE

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12 Jun 2009 Replace specific HTML tags using sed and regular expression

In this post I would like to replace all <embed> HTML tags in a HTML file with a <strong> tag.

# sed -e 's/<embed[^>]*>/<strong>/g' filename.html > newfile.html

And if you would like to remove the <embed> tag altogether

# sed -e 's/<embed[^>]*>//g' filename.html > newfile.html

To remove all HTML tags in a file

# sed -e 's/<[^>]*>//g' filename.html > newfile.html

The result file newfile.html is now without any < HTML tags >.

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21 Jan 2009 IP address change notifier script

This is a simple bash script that is run by crontab every 5 minutes on a linux box.
It e-mails me the new address when a change of IP address is detected.

The script (


# Check if IP-address has changed. If a change has occured, mail me the new address
# Add the following line to crontab if you would like it to be run every 5 minutes:
# */5 * * * * ./

# The network interface I want to monitor

# File to keep the latest IP address

# Mail to this address when a change occur

# Read the previous IP address from file
source $IP_FILE

CURRENT_IP=`/sbin/ifconfig $NET_INTERFACE | sed -n "/inet addr:.*255.255.25[0-5].[0-9]/{s/.*inet addr://; s/ .*//; p}"`

if [ "$CURRENT_IP" != "$OLD_IP" ]
        # Send email about address change
        `echo "New IP address detected: $CURRENT_IP" | mail -s "New IP address" $MAILTO`

        # Write new address to file
        `echo "OLD_IP=$CURRENT_IP" > $IP_FILE`

The script can be downloaded here.

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21 Feb 2008 Apache web connections pr hour

This is a bash oneliner to show Apache web connections pr hour. It lists up the IPs that has accessed your webserver and the amount og accesses.

# cat /var/log/apache2/ | grep "21/Jan/2008:.." | awk {' print $4":"$1 '} | sed 's/\[//g' | awk -F : {' print $1":"$2"\t\t"$5 '} | sort | uniq -c

Example output

37 21/Jan/2008:00

This shows that I had 37 hits from 00:00 – 01:00 in 20th February 2008.

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