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02 Dec 2011 Grab several screenshots from specified window in linux

This was a short bash script I wrote to help document some startup problems on a server.
The script was grabbing screen dumps from iDRAC during boot on a RHEL6 server, but it can be used on other distributions as well since the console command xwd is common.

# Description:
# Grab screenshot of a specified X-window and wait X-seconds

# Use xwininfo to find the Window id to the window you are going to 
# grab screenshots from.

# filename for output

# seconds sleep between grabs

padding="000" # put as many padding zeros as you want on filename
for ((i=0; i<1000; i+=1))
        # Perform the actual screenshot grab
        xwd -id $xwininfo -out $outfile-${padding:${#i}}$i.xwd

        # Convert the xwd file to a better image format like PNG
        convert $outfile-${padding:${#i}}$i.xwd $outfile-${padding:${#i}}$i.png

        # Delete the converted XWD-file
        rm -f $outfile-${padding:${#i}}$i.xwd

        # wait 
        sleep $sleeping

Stop the script after you have grabbed enough screenshots.

I ended up with several files named outfile-000.png outfile-001.png ...
Deleted those files that were not needed and sent the images a documentation of the booting process.

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02 Feb 2008 Extracting images from Adobe Acrobat PDF file

This is a short example of how to extract images from a PDF file using ImageMagick

# convert thePDFfile.pdf page-%03d.png
# ls page*
page-000.png  page-001.png  page-002.png

Imagemagick can also be used to create Adobe Acrobat PDF documents

convert DSC* resultFile.pdf

The resultfile contains one image per page.

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30 Dec 2007 Resize and watermark images using Imagemagick

Tina resizedThis is a modified version of my Resize of images in a folder with imagemagick post back in February. Only difference this time is that i strips out EXIF tags and the script has been cleaned up a bit. Click on the image to see the result in full size.


# Description:
# Script to resize JPG images to desired width defined in IMAGESIZE variable.
# EXIF tags is also removed from the result images.
# Software needed:
# jhead -
# imagemagick -

IMAGESIZE="320 480"
for IMAGEFILE in $(ls|grep JPG)
        for I in $IMAGESIZE
                # create directories if needed
                if [ ! -d $I ]
                        mkdir $I

                # Strip EXIF tag information from source file
                jhead -purejpg $IMAGEFILE

                # Resize file
                base=`basename $IMAGEFILE .JPG`_Resized_$I.JPG
                convert $IMAGEFILE -resize $I $base

                # Watermark the file
                width=`identify -format %w $base`
                convert -background '#0008' -fill white -gravity center -size ${width}x15 \
                -font Verdana -pointsize 10 \
                caption:"Copyright © 2007" \
                +size $base +swap -gravity south -composite $I/$base;

                # delete resized file
                rm $base

        # Delete source file (DO NOT USE YOUR ORIGINAL FILE!)
        rm $IMAGEFILE

You can download my resize, watermark bash script here.

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25 Nov 2007 Adjust images to a digital frame (480×234 pixels)

This bash script adjusts images to fit in a digital frame with a resolution of 480×234 pixels however by using the size 832×468 pictures are displayed sharper on some frames. Normally, narrower pictures will have black borders at both sides when displayed. but this script makes the border color the average of the picture.

The following linux tools are used in the script: convert and montage, bash, od and awk. od is part of the textutils package in Debian.

# current directory contains source JPG files
# $DESTINATION is where the prepared JPG files are stored
# $TEMP is a temporary directory
GEO=832x468 # geometry of target JPG files and resize value

for FILE in *.JPG
convert -resize 1x1 "$FILE" "$TEMP/1x1.bmp"
od -A n -j 54 -t u1 "$TEMP/1x1.bmp" | awk -v f="$FILE" -v des="$DESTINATION/" -v geo="$GEO" '
print "montage -geometry", geo, "-resize", geo, "-background rgb\\(" $3 \
"," $2 "," $1 "\\) \"" f "\" \"" des f "\"";

done | sh -x


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25 Nov 2007 Great collection of advanced Imagemagick scripts

Today I stumbled upon Fred’s Imagemagick Scripts, a nice collection of bash scripts to do image manipulations like

  • 3D rotate
  • change/enhance brightness
  • Superimposes a set of horizontal and/or vertical grid lines on an image
  • etc…

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