How to Remove Dashboard widgets in WordPress

This is a quick way to remove dashboard widgets in WordPress. These are some of the widgets I hide on one of my WordPress installations by adding these lines to the theme functions.php file. To hide other widgets, view the source code for the Dashboard and search for their label value. add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘rw_remove_dashboard_widgets’); function rw_remove_dashboard_widgets() […]

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PHP script to recreate empty WordPress post slugs

This post describes how I managed to recreate empty WordPress 3.0 permalink post slugs with the post title of the blog posts using a slightly modified version of the script found on another blog post named Bulk update post slugs in a wordpress blog. This script became handy since some of my post slugs was […]

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WordPress themes with eval and base64_decode lines

Lately I’ve been downloading and reading myself up on WordPress themes and stumbled upon something curious. Many themes had encrypted code/lines starting with the following code Example 1 eval(base64_decode(‘abcdefgh….’) and other variations like Example 2 eval(gzinflate(str_rot13(base64_decode(‘abcdefgh…’) This made me curious about why would someone make such an effort to obfuscate their code. Personally I would […]

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