Allow NFS through iptables

This is one way to determine the ports needed to open in your iptables rules to get NFS to work properly. First we need to determine the ports NFS uses rpcinfo -p | awk -F ” ” ‘{print $3 “, ” $4 “, ” $5}’ | sort | uniq Notice! Since portmap assigns ports on […]

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nmap scanning and printers

When you plan to nmap scan a network which contains printers, avoid scanning the JetDirect port, port 9100. Newer versions of nmap skips TCP port 9100 because some printers simply print anything sent to that port, leading to dozens of pages of HTTP get requests, binary SSL session requests, etc. This behavior can be changed […]

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Detecting changes to your network services/damons

This is a tutorial to detect changes in port from hosts on your network. The basic approach is to ping every available address upon your subnet and see which ones are up by detecting replies. If you install the package libperl-net-ping you can use the following script to see which hosts upon your LAN are […]

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nmap/nbtscan scan for å finne pc med åpen port

Dette scriptet scanner IP-er fra ei fil og finner ut hvem som har en spesiell port åpen.Lim inn følgende script kode i fila #!/bin/bashNETWORKTARGET=$1PORT=$2FN=”port”# Scan Network Input File for active hosts saving IPS to $FNips.txtnmap -sS -p $PORT -n -iL $NETWORKTARGET -oG – | grep open | awk ‘/[1-9].[1-9]/ {print $2}’ > ${FN}ips.txt# use […]

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