Color channel swapping in Photoshop

This is a little HOWTO (or tutorial) about swapping/inverting two color channels. I will swap the red and the blue color channel using Adobe Photoshop CS 3 to create a more “normal” looking picture with a blue sky on my infrared photo taken with my Nikon D80 and a Hoya R72 67mm IR-filter. I will […]

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Rename image files according to EXIF date

This rename trick can be run in Windows, Linux and even Mac since the commandline program I’m going to use, exiv2, is available in all three platforms. Rename all image files in current folder to the format YYYYMMDDHHMM_Filename.EXT This has been tested on my Nikon D80 JPEG and NEF image files. Linux exiv2 -r’%Y%m%d-%H%M_:basename:’ rename […]

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Number of shots taken by Nikon D80 camera

The Nikon D80 camera contains a EXIF tag value that counts the number shots taken Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description 0x00a7 167 Makernote Exif.Nikon3.ShutterCount Long Number of shots taken by camera This can be extracted by running the following command exiv2 -pt picturename.JPG … Exif.Nikon3.ShutterCount Long 1 5263 This example shows […]

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Nikon and capture image function from remote PC

I just figured out another nifty feature! The D70 has two USB connection modes, “mass storage” where the camera pretends to be an external hard drive, and PTP, which is an industry standard camera-computer USB protocol. Using PTP, it does not seem possible to download the camera contents with gphoto2, as I had with my […]

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