Rotate and rename images according to their EXIF info

This is my short script to rotate and rename image files accoring to date captured based on their EXIF info. You need jhead and exiv2 to run this. These two programs are also available in Windows and only require you to make small changes to work there as well. #!/bin/bash -x echo Rotating JPEG file(s) […]

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IP address change notifier script

This is a simple bash script that is run by crontab every 5 minutes on a linux box. It e-mails me the new address when a change of IP address is detected. The script ( #!/bin/bash # Check if IP-address has changed. If a change has occured, mail me the new address # Add the […]

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Enable query caching in mysql

Query caching is a way to increase the performance of mysql by caching database queries. It’s quite easy to do and only requires to edit one file, in Debian it’s called /etc/mysql/my.cnf Add the following lines in the mysqld section [mysqld] query-cache-type = 1 query-cache-size = 10M restart the mysql daemon # /etc/init.d/mysql restart Verify […]

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