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05 Aug 2007 dcraw examples

dcraw is a linux/Windows command line tool. It can convert RAW-files and that does also include Nikons NEF-files.

Raw photo decoder "dcraw" v8.73
by Dave Coffin, dcoffin a cybercom o net

Usage:  dcraw [OPTION]... [FILE]...

-v        Print verbose messages
-c        Write image data to standard output
-e        Extract embedded thumbnail image
-i        Identify files without decoding them
-i -v     Identify files and show metadata
-z        Change file dates to camera timestamp
-w        Use camera white balance, if possible
-a        Average the whole image for white balance
-A  Average a grey box for white balance
-r  Set custom white balance
-C   Correct chromatic aberration
-b   Adjust brightness (default = 1.0)
-n   Set threshold for wavelet denoising
-k   Set black point
-K  Subtract dark frame (16-bit raw PGM)
-H [0-9]  Highlight mode (0=clip, 1=unclip, 2=blend, 3+=rebuild)
-t [0-7]  Flip image (0=none, 3=180, 5=90CCW, 6=90CW)
-o [0-5]  Output colorspace (raw,sRGB,Adobe,Wide,ProPhoto,XYZ)
-o  Apply output ICC profile from file
-p  Apply camera ICC profile from file or "embed"
-d        Document mode (no color, no interpolation)
-D        Document mode without scaling (totally raw)
-j        Don't stretch or rotate raw pixels
-q [0-3]  Set the interpolation quality
-h        Half-size color image (twice as fast as "-q 0")
-f        Interpolate RGGB as four colors
-s [0-99] Select a different raw image from the same file
-4        Write 16-bit linear instead of 8-bit with gamma
-T        Write TIFF instead of PPM

Create a TIFF file and use the cameras White Balance (WB)

dcraw -w -T DSC_8119.NEF

Create a TIFF file and use the average White Balance (WB) on the picture

dcraw -a -T DSC_8119.NEF

Set the filedate to be the same as the picture date according to the EXIF information

dcraw -z filnavn

Options I often use

dcraw.exe -v -w -H 2 -T DSC_4228.NEF

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13 Mar 2007 Script to download pictures from camera and rename them etc

1. download photos from camera and sort them by date of day in folders
2. remove possible duplicates if I did not erase camera images since last download
3. convert RAW/NEF images to a usable format

All this in one single click!

# Change this to where to store Photos
camera=”USB PTP Class Camera”
date=$(date –iso-8601)
mkdir -p $target/$date/tmp
cd $target/$date/tmp
# Get all photos from camera
gphoto2 –quiet –camera $camera –port usb: -P
# Do not replace photos that were already uploaded this same day
cp -u $target/$date/tmp/* $target/$date
rm -rf $target/$date/tmp
cd $target/$date
# auto-rotate using exif info
exifautotran *.JPG
# If photos were not erased from camera since last upload, remove duplicates
for i in *.{JPG,NEF}; do
for f in $(find $target -name $i ! -samefile $target/$date/$i); do
if md5sum $f | sed -e “s, .*/, ,” | md5sum –check; then
rm -f $i;
# decode RAW images if not already done ?
# for i in *.NEF; do if [ ! -e $(basename $i .NEF).ppm ]; then dcraw -w $i; fi; done
# Show them!
gimv -d $target/$date

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