Shell script for removing duplicate files

The following shell script finds duplicate (2 or more identical) files and outputs a new shell script containing commented-out rm statements for deleting them. You then have to edit the file to select which files to keep – the script can’t safely do it automatically!; echo “#! /bin/sh” > $OUTF; find “$@” -type f […]

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md5sum av filer/bilder

For å sikre seg mot at filer er korrupt kan man benytte kommandoen md5sum Windows md5sum -b *.JPG > checksum.md5 Linux Deretter kopierer man denne md5-fila til rett katalog i Linux og tester at disse filene er identisk vha MD5Sums, et grafisk Windows program.

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File integrity

A script using bash and md5sum to keep track of file integrity. # Change the separator to allow for filenames containing spaces # (the default is ” \t\n”, which confuses the for loop) IFS=$’\n’ FOLDERS=`find /Volumes/disk\ 1/Pictures/Photos -type d | sed ‘s/ /\\ /g’` for FOLDER in $FOLDERS; do # mind you, this will only […]

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