Organise images using exiftool

Move all files from directory dir into directories named by the original file extensions

exiftool '-Directory<datetimeoriginal>

Rename all images in dir according to the CreateDate date and time, adding a copy number with leading ‘-‘ if the file already exists (%-c), and preserving the original file extension (%e).
Note the extra ‘%’ necessary to escape the filename codes (%c and %e) in the date format string.

exiftool '-FileName

Set the filename of all JPG images in the current directory from the CreateDate and FileNumber tags, in the form “20060507_118-1861.jpg”

exiftool '-FileName< ${CreateDate}_$filenumber.jpg' -d %Y%m%d dir/*.jpg

Adjust original date/time of all images in directory dir by subtracting one hour and 30 minutes.

exiftool -DateTimeOriginal-='0:0:0 1:30:0' dir