Configure Telenor Mobile Broadband using Ubuntu

This post is a short description/HOWTO of how I configured a “Telenor Mobilt Bredbånd” on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)I’ve borrowed from a friend of mine. I might have forgotten some steps on this guide and haven’t verified it on a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 installation. Determine modemtype This HOWTO has been written for the GlobeSurfer ICON […]

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Using a usb stick to login to gentoo Linux

It was kinda late, and I wanted to do something tonight…something interesting. I was looking at my usb key when I had this flash…”Could I use my usb key to login to my pc with a certain account ?”. Googling … googling… I need a PAM module to do it. eix time now! #eix pam […]

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USB Corsair Flash Voyager and udev rules

I had some problems making my new Corsair Flash Voyager 1Gb work under udev. Until now I used the SYSFS{serial}= part from udevinfo to distinguish my usb devices. Corsair Flash Voyager doesn’t have one. So I put the following line in /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules to make it work: KERNEL=”sd*”, SYSFS{vendor}=”Corsair”, SYSFS{model}=”Flash*Voyager*”, NAME{all_partitions}=”corsair%n”, GROUP=”disk” The first partition of […]

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