Synchronize current directory with remote one using rsync

This is a simple way to synchronize all the files from the current computer to a remote computer using SSH as transportation protocol. rsync -raz –progress –delete –bwlimit=4096 /synchronize/from/this-folder/ remote-server:/to/this-folder/ This example is using PUT as transfer method because the files are put from the local computer to the remote. Options explained -r synchronize directories […]

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rsync backup on a local pc

#!/bin/bash echo “Starting Daily rsync backup on `date`” for FSYS in /home/username/rsync do /usr/bin/rsync -aE –delete $FSYS /home/username/rsync_bck if [ $? != 0 ]; then echo ” ==> Error during rsync of $FSYS” else echo “rsync of $FSYS OK on `date`” fi done echo “Finished Daily rsync backup at `date`”

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