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12 Jun 2009 Replace specific HTML tags using sed and regular expression

In this post I would like to replace all <embed> HTML tags in a HTML file with a <strong> tag.

# sed -e 's/<embed[^>]*>/<strong>/g' filename.html > newfile.html

And if you would like to remove the <embed> tag altogether

# sed -e 's/<embed[^>]*>//g' filename.html > newfile.html

To remove all HTML tags in a file

# sed -e 's/<[^>]*>//g' filename.html > newfile.html

The result file newfile.html is now without any < HTML tags >.

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07 May 2007 vim search and replace text

Different ways of replacing text etc.

Replace every occurrence of pattern1 (pat1) with pat2


Replace every occurence of pattern1 (pat1) with a newline


In practice this inserts a newline after every occurence of pat1.

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27 Apr 2007 mySQL search and replace

UPDATE ´tablename´ set field = replace(field, ’searchString’, ‘replaceString’);

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