Create virtual / alias IP address

This is the code to make an alias IP address on network interface ethX where X is a number to indicate the device we are attaching the IP. ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up Your machine will now answer on ping requests You can see the result by running the command ifconfig eth0:1 Result […]

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Linux routing magic

Suppose you’re setting up a test environment, and you want a server to be able to handle some improbably large number of IP addresses, like a /16 or even larger. You could just write a script to add them all one at a time, or you could use this little shortcut and add the entire […]

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Detecting changes to your network services/damons

This is a tutorial to detect changes in port from hosts on your network. The basic approach is to ping every available address upon your subnet and see which ones are up by detecting replies. If you install the package libperl-net-ping you can use the following script to see which hosts upon your LAN are […]

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