Enable secure / https SSL login on mediaWiki 1.13.3

This is how I’ve enabled secure SSL login through https on a mediaWiki 1.13.3 installation. This description might work on other versions of mediaWiki, but that has not been tested. mediWiki doesn’t support SSL login out of the box so a little hack has to be performed. First you need to tell the webserver, in […]

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MediaWiki password reset

Here’s the SQL to reset the mediawiki password of a user: use mediawikidb; update tbl_user set user_password=md5(concat(user_id,’-‘,md5(‘newpassword’))) where user_name = “Alex”; The default admin username is WikiSysop, with user_id=1, so you could do: update tbl_user set user_password=md5(concat(‘1-‘,md5(‘newadminpassword’))) where user_id=1; Here’s how you add a new user: insert into user(user_name) values (“Alex”); then set a password […]

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