Puppet gotchas when using SSSD-module and network Team with NetworkManager

I have been using Puppet on some of my servers to keep my SSSD configuration in the state I want it to be. There is one thing I have learned this summer and later on found the Redhat bug 1414573, and that is that the Puppet SSSD module I have been using triggers a service refresh when the sssd.conf file changes. It currently restarts messagebus, sssd and oddjobd. On RHEL7 this results on two issues:

  1. SSH connections become really, really slow
  2. NetworkManager start spewing errors.

A side effect of issue number 2, NetworkManager is that if you have configured your network nics as members of a network Team, the team will stop working and will be shut down. The team nic-members will not become members of the network Team again until you restart the NetworkManager daemon.

“Restarting “messagebus” means to restart dbus. In general, many components don’t handle restart of dbus properly, so if you try to restart the dbus daemon, you effectively would have to restart a range of service — which amounts to a reboot. NetworkManager doesn’t support restarting dbus. Afterwards it will not reconnect to the message-bus and is effectively unreachable.”

Source: Bug 1414573 -‘systemctl restart messagebus sssd oddjobd’ results in slow logins and NetworkManager errors