Mount Samba share using gvfs-mount as normal user

This is just a shot note on how to mount a Samba or Windows CIFS share as a normal linux user using the gvfs-mount command in Centos 7 or RedHat 7.

Mounting a mountpoint share using the username user and password
[user@host] gvfs-mount smb://username@

If the command finishes without any errors you can now access your smb mount on the following path

[user@host] ls -l /run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share\:server\=\,share\=shared-folder\,user\=username/

1000 corresponds to your users id and can be determined by the id command

[user@host] id
uid=1000(username) gid=1000(username) groups=1000(username)

I compared the performance between connecting directly to a Samba share using UNC path and using gvfs-mount and saw that there is a noticeable speed decrease using gvfs-mount.
But if you have old software that does not support UNC path, then gvfs-mount is a good alternative to no access.