How to join *.001,*.002,… files from your Linux terminal

This is a easy way to combine/join/merge several .001 .002 .003 etc files to one file.

# cat filename.avi.* > filename.avi

The .001 .002 .003 files can be deleted after you have verfied that the files have merged together successfully to one file.

If you were using Windows you would normally use a software like HJSplit or similar.

One thought on “How to join *.001,*.002,… files from your Linux terminal

  1. some caveats …
    if the posted file was split with HJSplit then there is probably a FILE.000 it’s trash! either delete it or use cat FILE.00[1-x] if the total is less than 10. Putting the first “0” is also a good idea if you have also downloaded the .par2 or .jpg file which usually has the same name.
    # indicates that you are root … you shouldn’t be
    $ cat filename.avi.0?? > filename.avi

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