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06 Sep 2009 Howto combine two columns into one in mysql

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This is how you can combine (or concatenate or merge) data from two table columns into one column using a mysql SQL query.

SELECT CONCAT(firstname,lastname) AS 'name' FROM tablename

The result would be “firstname lastname”

If you would like to insert this data into a new column

INSERT INTO tablename (full_name) SELECT CONCAT(firstname,lastname) AS 'name' FROM tablename

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    I needed something similar with new lines (\r\n) as well, while properly removing blank sections. This was what I used…

    INSERT INTO tablename (full_name) SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(CONCAT(“XXXXXXXX”,firstname,”XXXXXXXX”,”\r\n”,”XXXXXXXX”,midname,”XXXXXXXX”,”\r\n”,”XXXXXXXX”,lastname,”XXXXXXXX”),”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\r\n”,””),”\r\nXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,””),”XXXXXXXX”,””) AS ‘name’ FROM tablename;

    1st step: CONCAT(“XXXXXXXX”,firstname,”XXXXXXXX”,”\r\n”,”XXXXXXXX”,midname,”XXXXXXXX”,”\r\n”,”XXXXXXXX”,lastname,”XXXXXXXX”)
    Concat with markers (“XXXXXXXX” in this case) and newline characters with carriage return \r and line feed \n.

    2nd step: REPLACE([1st step results], “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\r\n”, “”)
    Remove empty sections by spotting 2 of our markers together.

    3rd step: REPLACE([2nd step results], “\r\nXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “”)
    Check for 2 of our markers together again the opposing direction.

    4rd step: REPLACE([3rd step results], “XXXXXXXX”, “”)
    Clean up our markers.

    5th step: INSERT INTO tablename (full_name) SELECT [4th step results] AS ‘name’ FROM tablename
    Insert into the table.