Replace RPMforge packages with Redhats own on a RHEL5 system

This post came to life after experiencing some upgrade problems with missing dependencies and RPM packages from RPMforge and Redhat Enterprise Linux Client release 5. The prosess to remove or replace the packages was to remove RPMforge as a package repository and replace the blocking packages with Redhats own packages. The process of replacing RPMforge […]

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Configure mutt for Zimbra and IMAP

This post describes how to configure the command line e-mail client mutt to use your Zimbra IMAP mailbox. Open the text file .muttrc, located in your home directory. If it does not exist, create it. Add or replace the following lines with your own user ID: set spoolfile=imaps://mail.example.com/Inbox set folder=imaps://mail.example.com/ set imap_user=username@example.com If you would […]

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ufw and IP masquerading

I’ve just upgraded my home server from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 and experienced that my ufw firewall (iptables) would not route traffic from my local network to the Internet. My IP masquerading was not working anymore and since I had not documented the process when I set it up I had to search the Ubuntu […]

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WordPress themes with eval and base64_decode lines

Lately I’ve been downloading and reading myself up on WordPress themes and stumbled upon something curious. Many themes had encrypted code/lines starting with the following code Example 1 eval(base64_decode(‘abcdefgh….’) and other variations like Example 2 eval(gzinflate(str_rot13(base64_decode(‘abcdefgh…’) This made me curious about why would someone make such an effort to obfuscate their code. Personally I would […]

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Simple Windows Print Accounting using Event Viewer data

This post continues where my previous post titled Export events including Event Properties from Windows Event Viewer left off. The data I’m going to work with was exported using eventquery.vbs and saved in a CSV-file, comma separated file and it is presented in the form shown below. “Information”,”10″,”12.05.2009 13:24:48″,”Print”,”Servername”,”None”,”AD\username”,”Document 232, filename.pdf owned by username was […]

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