Howto copy a DVD-9 (dual-layer) movie in linux (fast)

More and more people are getting dual-layer DVD-burners and don’t want to compromise quality by shrinking the movie down to DVD-5 (singel-layer) copies. This howto will show you how to make a 1:1 (unshrinked and unencrypted) ISO-image of an encrypted DVD-9 movie in linux using the commandline. Prerequisites (these are likeley available in your distros […]

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Rename files in a folder to lower-case using perl

This is a simple oneliner to rename files to lower-case using perl # perl -e ‘rename($_, lc) || warn “$_: $!\n” for @ARGV’ * You can also do this recusively using find and perl # find . -type f -exec perl -e ‘rename($_, lc) || warn “$_: $!\n” for @ARGV’ {} \;

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mysql on a nondefault socket

It is sometimes necessary to run two instances of mysql, like in my case. I need a mysql database in addition to the one Zimbra uses. One solution to this problem is to run the mysql database on a non default socket. This can be done by changing the following line in my.cnf my.cnf [client] […]

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