Debian Linux in – Gentoo Linux out

Debian logoGentoo logoAs I write this post my last Gentoo Linux server is about to be converted to be a Debian Etch server. This is a sad decision I’ve made since I’ve used Gentoo Linux running web, mail and databases since version 1.0RC1 december 2000 both in stable and unstable versions. This is a result of less time to ponder in front of my computer so the decision to use Debian was a easy decision since it is a “friendlier” system to keep running. I’ve learned a lot in these years and would really recommend Gentoo Linux to all users interested in learning linux.

A positive result of this change of Linux distribution is that I’m now successfully running Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0 Open Source Edition on my Debian server and it’s working great. I might make a post about how I did it and migrated from my Postfix/Dovecot (w/maildir) installation.