Profiles in Gentoo

Supported profiles
You can view the list of profiles on your architecture officially supported by Gentoo developers when you emerge eselect and then run the following command:

Viewing supported profiles

eselect profile list

Profile updating instructions

Make sure your Portage is updated before performing any profile changes.

First, run emerge eselect. The eselect utility will let you view and select profiles easily, without needing to create or remove symlinks by hand.

Profile selection with eselect
(View available profiles)

# eselect profile list

(Select the number of your desired profile from the list)

# eselect profile set <number>

If you’d still prefer to change profiles manually, then simply do the following:

Changing profiles manually

# rm /etc/make.profile
# ln -s ../usr/portage/profiles/<selected profile> /etc/make.profile