Script to parse file content from one file to another

This is a PHP script that parse file content from a file and writes this to another config file.

#!/usr/bin/php -q

< ?php

    if ($_SERVER['argv'][1] == '')
        die("Usage: ./nagiosparse filename. Sourcefile must be a list with ,\n");

    $strFile = $_SERVER['argv'][1];

    $arrContents = explode("\n", file_get_contents($strFile));

    foreach ($arrContents as $strLine)
            $arrCells = explode(",", $strLine);

define host{
        use                     generic-host            ; Name of host template to use
        host_name               $arrCells[0]
        alias                   $arrCells[1]
        address                 $arrCells[2]
        check_command           check-host-alive
        max_check_attempts      10
        notification_interval   0
        notification_period     24x7
        notification_options    d,u,r
        contact_groups          switch-admins