Extract pictures from a VOB file using transcode

Sometimes it is useful to collect some pictures from some different DVD’s to a new one. But what to do if the original pictures are deleted now. You can use the following command to extract the pictures first.

transcode -x mpeg2 -i VTS_01_1.VOB -y im -F jpg -w 100

-F jpg, png, gif ==> picture format (default jpg)-w number ==> quality for jpeg and compression-level/quality for png (for example 95, see “man transcode”)Now you can choose and delete some and collect new with the described procedure at dir2slideshow.

2 thoughts on “Extract pictures from a VOB file using transcode

  1. What a waste of a google search this was, why put this up and not explain how it should work, I suggest you re-write it explaining how it should work, what you whould put iun a terminal, what you should see and what the results should be, re-read your post, it assumes people know what to do, well half the people finding this won’t, so you’ve wasted my time and yours, along with god knows how many others, thanks : |

    1. Hi confused, this article is quite old :)
      This post described how to extract images from a media-DVD using the linux tool transcode.
      It is important to note that the images you extract are not the original images and the quality is most likely not the same.

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