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17 Feb 2007 Using at

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(Set XMMS to play wakeup.ogg at 6am tomorrow morning)

at 6am tomorrow
at> xmms ~/music/wakeup.ogg

job 6 at 2003-10-31 06:00

(At 11:30 pm today, start an install of mozilla)

at 11:30 pm today
at> emerge update mozilla

job 7 at 2003-10-30 23:30

Now there are two jobs scheduled which will be run ‘at’ the specified times. To view a list of jobs you’ve scheduled, use atq. If you decide you don’t want a job to run, you can can use the atrm command.

Removing a previously scheduled job

(Remove the ’emerge’ job we scheduled for 11:30pm)


6 2003-10-31 06:00 a david
7 2003-10-30 23:30 a david
% atrm 7
% atq
6 2003-10-31 06:00 a david


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