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16 Aug 2007 Start Window Manager (WM) in runlevel 3

To run the Windows Manager (Desktop Environment) of your choice the following have to be in the users home directory .xinitrc file.

exec startxfce4


exec gnome-session


exec startkde


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07 May 2007 Getting modelines for

Getting modelines can be done by calculating them yourself or using a online calculator like this one. But still, you have to get all this information about your monitor. You wonder, why can’t the monitor itself just supply them? Well, it can. You can get it by using the EDID information.


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27 Apr 2007 Linux på HP Compac nc8430

Her er ei samling av tips for å få min bærbare PC til å fungere tilfredsstillende i Linux, oppdateres fortløpende.

The solution is editing xorg.conf and adding “HorizSync 36-52” and “VertRefresh 36-60” in “Section Monitor”. Giving a startx, the desktop appears with normal resolution for the vesa driver (cannot use radeon driver on this machine).
Also, a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, even accepting all default choices, solves the problem.

Trådløs/Wireless oppsett
I Debian 4.0 (Etch) trenger man å installere følgende programvare for å få det til å fungere:

  • firmware-ipw3945
  • ipw3945d
  • ipw3945-modules-‘uname -r’
  • ipw3945-source

VPN oppsett
Last ned VPN programvaren fra og pakk den ut.
Installer av programvaren gjøres ved å kjøre vpn_install:
Deretter legger du inn følgende linje i /etc/rc.local
/etc/init.d/vpnclient_init start

Det er ei oppdatert webside på som tar for seg oppsett av 3D i Ubuntu (Compiz), Cisco VPN, wireless osv.

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