Configure miniDLNA on Ubuntu 11.04

This is a short HOWTO on installing and configuring miniDLNA on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty to work with my Sony Bravidia KDL-40EX711 LED TV. First we need to install the minidlna software. # sudo aptitude install minidlna The content of my /etc/minidlna.conf file port=8200 network_interface=eth0 media_dir=P,/export/pictures friendly_name=My DLNA Server album_art_names=Cover.jpg/cover.jpg/AlbumArtSmall.jpg/albumartsmall.jpg/AlbumArt.jpg/albumart.jpg/Album.jpg/album.jpg/Folder.jpg/folder.jpg/Thumb.jpg/thumb.jpg inotify=yes enable_tivo=no strict_dlna=no notify_interval=900 serial=12345678 model_number=1 […]

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