Watermark pictures using exiv2

Quick and dirty batch script to watermark and add IPTC data to a set of files in the supplied dir to -Copyright. #!/bin/bash # Copyright Andy Wright – 2006. # You have permission to do what you want with it as long as you don’t # blame me if it insults your mother etc. […]

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Photo etc

Improved watermark script with imagemagick

#!/bin/bash # Use a shell loop #mkdir thumbnails if [ ! -f *.JPG ] ; then echo “Ingen filer tilgjengelig!” else for file in *.JPG do width=`identify -format %w ${file}`; \ convert -background ‘#0008’ -fill white -gravity center -size ${width}x90 \ -font Sketchy -pointsize 50 \ caption:”Copyright © 2007” \ +size ${file} +swap -gravity […]

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