Create a temporary “Site Down” notice in Apache

This post describes how to make a “Site down for maintenance” notice using Apache .htaccess and the mod_rewrite module. I assume you know how to enable the Apache htaccess directive and the mod_rewrite module. First you need to create a .htaccess file in your root level of your website. Next you add the following lines […]

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Enable secure / https SSL login on mediaWiki 1.13.3

This is how I’ve enabled secure SSL login through https on a mediaWiki 1.13.3 installation. This description might work on other versions of mediaWiki, but that has not been tested. mediWiki doesn’t support SSL login out of the box so a little hack has to be performed. First you need to tell the webserver, in […]

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Blocking Image Bandwidth Theft/Hotlinking with URL Rewriting

You can stop others from hotlinking your site’s files by placing a file called .htaccess in your Apache site root (main) directory. The period before the name means the file is hidden, so you may want to edit your file as htaccess.txt, upload it to your server, then rename the txt file to .htaccess in […]

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