Using DynDNS to access a server with dynamic IP-addresses

This post describes how you can access your server using a host name instead of the dynamic IP addresses (from DHCP) it has assigned at the moment. I’m going to describe how to use DynDNS, but this also applies to other services like EasyDNS, and ZoneEdit. This tutorial has been tested on my Ubuntu […]

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I’ve made a simple bash script to find MAC adresses in DHCP config files. #!/bin/bash if [[ -z $1 || $1 == “–help” ]] then echo “usage: $0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ” fi grep -i $1 /etc/dhcpdb/* -R Usage example macfind 00:18:8B:2C:DC:AA Result /etc/dhcpdb/53-nettet/subnet.conf:hardware ethernet 00:18:8b:2c:dc:aa; /etc/dhcpdb/macadresser/it-avd.conf: subclass “it-avd” 1:00:18:8b:2c:dc:aa; # Hans-Henry

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