Rotate and rename images according to their EXIF info

This is my short script to rotate and rename image files accoring to date captured based on their EXIF info. You need jhead and exiv2 to run this. These two programs are also available in Windows and only require you to make small changes to work there as well. #!/bin/bash -x echo Rotating JPEG file(s) […]

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Using rsnapshot as backup solution

This post describes short how to use rsnapshot as a remote filesystem snapshot utility, based on rsync that I use as my personal backup tool. I have started using rsnapshot after using rsync and rdiff-backup and lost files because of file corruption. rsnapshot is a great backup utility because it hardlinks files if they already […]

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VMware Tools one-liners using PowerCli

This short post is about VMware Tools on VM guests running in a vSphere 5.x cluster/hosts. This PowerCli one-liner creates a list of VM guests where the VMware Tools CDROM/ISO is mounted: (Get-VM | Get-View | Where {$_.Runtime.ToolsInstallerMounted}) | % {$_.Name} Unmount the VMware Tools installer CDROM on all VM guests. This is useful to […]

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