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Create a photo collage using imagemagick

I use imagemagick to create index images to my photo albums to get a quick overview without looking through all the pictures. This is how I create a simple photo collage using imagemagicks montage command montage -label ‘%t\n%wx%h’ -resize 150×150 ‘*.JPG’ -geometry +3+3 -tile 3x -frame 5 _Index.JPG

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Determine rkhunter false positive on Redhat

rkhunter has given several warnings (“One or more warnings have been found while checking the system.”) lately and this has forced me to check the installations repeatedly only to determine the fact that it was a false positive. On Redhat systems and their derivatives (Fedora, CentOS…) a easy check can be performed to determine if […]

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Mount remote filesystem using ssh and sshfs

This is short howto on how you can mount a remote filesystem through ssh and access in Debian it like any other local filesystem. This is a safer method to mount remote filesystems and a user can perform it without root privileges. First you need to install sshfs # aptitude install fuse-utils sshfs Install the […]

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